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CUSTOM MADE Raiders Hero Jacket - Various Skins

from $283.00

The Indiana Jones Store Gives you the Raiders Hero Jacket


Much as Indiana Jones travelled the globe in search of The Ark of the Covenant, many a budding adventurer has been tirelessly seeking the most authentic version of the original Raiders of the Lost Ark leather jacket.

After 30 years we go back to our original Hero jacket pattern available to yours truly.


Made to order using the original patterns created for Harrison Ford back in 1980, the INDIANA JONES HERO Jacket is as close as you can come to the real thing... unless you steal one from the Smithsonian Museum or the Lucas film Archive, neither of which we recommend.

The jacket carries the original Leather Concessionaires label and differs in fit from the modern easy fit Raiders jacket that we sell today and does not fit like a regular jacket.


The jacket has no inside facings enabling the nickel zip to go right to the bottom of the jacket but may result in a wavering effect.


The collar is cut so it hangs off the back neck.


The oversize shoulder width means the sleeves are set off the shoulder and are narrower and tapered.


The inside pocket is a leather welt type with a single antique brass buckle for the side straps.


The size chart is for guidance only as these are custom made to your measurements.