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MK VII 1941-42 Gas Mask Bags with Indiana Jones Leather Strap.


Many years ago, The Indiana Jones Store managed to source a limited quantity of never issued Genuine Gas Mask Bags.

The bags were all Indiana Jones MK VII dating from 1941-1942.

As you can imagine these bags are no longer available and they cannot be sourced anymore as they have now run out.

The Indiana Jones Store decided that due to high demand we would invest heavily and have them re-produced for our customers.


With the original genuine version, a lot of people were having issues with the webbing breaking on the bag where the leather strap attaches due to their age.


This is no longer a problem as this is now new webbing and reinforced.

So, the New Gas Bag is an exact copy of the original bag with the same hardware and vents etc which have been reproduced for us.

These bags have also been stamped inside the flap just like the originals for the same authenticity.

Inside the gas bags they have a lot of different compartments and pockets
(6 in total) for your books and a small water bottle or drink’s pocket.

They will look great with any Indiana Jones outfit, and you won’t be disappointed in these bags.