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Harrison Ford Indiana Jones Pants / Trousers 100% Wool Cavalry Twill

from $115.00

The famous Indiana Jones trousers, inspired by Indiana Jones, these authentic reproductions are produced from the finest 100% English Wool Cavalry Twill.


Hand Made in our London factory dedicated to making only our trousers and shirts, they are of superb quality and sport our famous Union Jack Label.

Worn by Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones Films these are the perfect purchase to go with your leather jacket, maybe treat yourself to the Indy shirt too.


If you're just looking for a good fitting pair of trousers then don't shy away because of the Indiana Jones label, we have a lot of customers who buy these as regular work trousers and a couple of RAF fans who like their military cut - so they really are for everyone.


• Button and hook fastening
• Comfortable Waistband
• Unfinished Hem
• Two frontal pockets
• Made in England
• Classic, tailored fit
• Made screen accurate by our fans and customers
• Recommend dry clean only


The cut of our trousers is a classic cut and sit differently to modern cuts, this means the waistband measures the exact sizing, for example; a size 34" measures exactly 34".


In modern cuts you get a bit of room, for example a size 34" trouser would measure around 36" at the waist.


To enable you to get the right fit first time we advise to measure the waistband of your best fitting pair of trousers and use that measurement to pick your size rather than using the labelled sizing, for example, if your trousers label says Size 34", but they're actually measuring 36", order a 36"



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